Our Services

Our Services

At Act 60 Solutions we are passionate about helping successful businesses save thousands with guaranteed tax exemption programs available in Puerto Rico. We help our clients realize the full potential of their businesses and investments. Our approach for each client is unique ~ based upon their industry, challenges, and goals.

Our Application Process


Many factors affect a business or individuals ability to realize the full benefits of the Act 60 programs – the business structure, residency, income sourcing, and more. We will assess your situation and your organization, find the opportunities to significantly reduce your tax overhead, and collaborate with you to build a compliance minded plan to get you there.

  • Discovery Session
  • Entity Structuring
  • Residency Requirements
  • Income Sourcing
  • Transfer Pricing


For businesses and individuals wishing to obtain the Act 60 tax benefits, we will work with you to collect and develop the required information, create the business structures with proper registrations and  documentation as required, perform the formal application submission, oversee the application process, and deliver your certificate.

  • Entity Formation
  • Entity Documentation and Registration
  • Application Preparation
  • Application Submission


With compliance in mind from the discovery stage, we will help you to develop and structure best practice methodologies and procedures so you can easily and successfully maintain Federal and Puerto Rico compliance and enjoy the tremendous Act 60 benefits for the term of your decree.

  • Compliance Planning
  • Federal Compliance
  • Puerto Rico Compliance
  • Municipality Compliance

Transfer Pricing

Many Act 60 businesses provide goods or services to related companies in the United States or abroad. Both the U.S. and Puerto Rico have regulations that require international transactions between related or "controlled parties" to be priced at "arm's length" - meaning goods or services provided between related businesses must be priced as if each company has no pre-existing relationship with each other. We will help determine inter-company pricing requirements for compliance and to reduce audit risk.

  • Analysis of the transactions between related parties
  • Proof that you are meeting the arm's length standard
  • Document a compliant Transfer Pricing Study

Are You Ready To Slash Your Income Tax?

Let us craft an Act 60 Solution to meet your needs.